Model with feather

Here’s a few simple suggestions that will help you get the best results from you boudoir portrait shoot:

  • Avoid wearing underwear that marks your skin (certain bras will leave shoulder marks). Ideally wear seam-free underwear and a strapless bra until you are ready to shoot.
  • To feel more relaxed, bring along a dressing gown for comfort until you begin to shoot. Use some body glow lotion all over to give your skin a nice dewy glow- try Boots No7 (a nice shimmer cream) and Soap & Glory Glow Lotion.
  • Bring a good selection of underwear/ nightwear, so the shots can be varied – and of course accessories such as hair clips, necklaces and high heels. If you have ideas of shot setups or a particular style of image in mind, bring it along and we will endeavour to recreate it. Tear those pictures out of magazines!
  • We can provide hair and makeup, should you wish to do your own please ensure you hair is styled appropriately. Hair is a very important factor in a shoot to recreate an image, so let loose and get an upstyle or playboy hair to make you feel a million dollars. Please bring your full kit of makeup.
  • Practice – Practice – Practice, if you are worried about posing, do what the professionals do and practice in the mirror, preferably in your outfits, to give your body the best angles…. remember Hazel will be at the other end of the camera to help but it is always good to know your angles!